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Statement on Religious Exemption to Mandatory Medical Procedures


Full Disclosure: This statement was originally written by the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC), and the Elders of Mountain Reformed Baptist Church later adopted it for our local Church. It was done so with their knowledge and permission.  


Standing in the ancient Christian tradition, committed to the doctrinal standards of our local Church constitution and the supremacy of the Holy Scriptures, Mountain Reformed Baptist Church affirms our religion’s principles of liberty of conscience, honoring and preserving human life from conception to natural death, as well as the sovereignty of individuals and families in medical and healthcare decision-making.


Therefore, we state our unequivocal support for the right of refusal of mandatory medical procedures, whether ordered by a branch of civil government, an employer, or any other institution to which an individual is subject or dependent – in the event that an individual sincerely believes his or her life, health, wellbeing, conscience, or morality is potentially threatened by such procedures or products, or in the event that a parent has the same concern for his or her child.


We affirm that our Christian religion protects the liberty of individuals and families to refuse any medical procedure or product on the basis of sincerely held concerns for known or unknown side effects, experimental or emergency uses, potential involvement in fetal cell lines whether in development or testing, or medical and/or political corruption or coercion.


Therefore, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we defend the rights and responsibilities of our members to research these issues in consultation with their medical providers in order to make responsible medical decisions for themselves, including refusing vaccination or gene therapies on religious grounds. And we hereby call upon all governments, schools, employers, and other institutions to respect these deeply held religious convictions by upholding this religious liberty and/or providing religious exemptions as requested.


On behalf of the members of Mountain Reformed Baptist Church.

Pastor/Elder Bill Rhetts
Pastor/Elder Mike Johnson.



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