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 Elders (or pastors) are men ordained to care for the spiritual needs of the church. Their duties include preaching, teaching, shepherding, counseling, leading, and overseeing the spiritual matters of the church. They also administer the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and they guard the church against doctrinal error or practical dangers. For more details about Elders, please read paragraphs 8-11 of chapter 26 in our Confession.  



 Deacons are men ordained to care for the physical and temporal concerns of the church. In Acts chapter six we see how the Lord and His Church used Deacons to enable the Elders to devote themselves more fully to prayer, the study of the Word, and the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Their duties include caring for the congregation, collecting and distributing funds, and handling other physical needs of the church.

Please pray that the Lord will add Elders and Deacons, as He adds to this Church 


Gifted Laity 

 Laity are gifted brethren that have been tested, approved, and called by the church to assist in the ministry of the Lords people.


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